Services and Prices

Services and Prices

TitleDescriptionPrice (£)
INSPECTION(includes replacing damaged packaging, if supplied)£ 0.00/FREE
FNSKU LABELLINGBarcode labels printed and attached£ 0.20
POLY BAGGING(Oversized items over 40cm please contact)£ 0.20
BUBBLE WRAPPlease mention your dimensions prices starts from £0.50£ 0.45
INSPECT/FNSKUInspection and barcode labels printed and attached£ 0.40
INSPECT+FNSKU+POLY BAGGINGInspection+Labels+poly bag includes in this£ 0.60
INSPECT+FNSKU+POLY BAG+BUBBLE WRAPAll services includes in this.Oversized items please contact£ 1.00
SUFFOCATION LABELSAll suffocation labels & Expiration date labels please mention£ 0.10
GIFT WRAPPINGAny personalised gift wrapping or Packaging please contact us for accurate prices£ 1
CARTON BOX SMALL 30CMNew carton boxes no more then 30cm. Any requirement please contact us£ 2.50
CARTON BOX MEDIUM 45CMNew carton boxes no more then 45cm. Any requirement please contact us£ 3.50
CARTON BOX LARGE 63CMNew carton boxes no more then 63cm. Any requirement please contact us£ 4.50

Items Removal Fee:

£0.29 per unit (Receiving and inspection only; storage not included)

Our Services:

At FBA Prep UK, we offer straightforward services tailored to streamline your Amazon business. Simply send us your items, and we’ll handle the rest, ensuring they’re ready for shipment.

Private Labelling and Branding:

Elevate your brand’s image with our private labelling services. How your products are presented to customers is crucial for brand recognition. Let us take your branding to the next level by customizing packaging, including flyers or business card inserts, to perfectly reflect your brand identity.

Custom Packaging: £1 per box

Make a lasting impression with branded packaging. Our custom packaging service ensures your products are presented in boxes featuring your unique branding. (Please provide branded content to our warehouse.)

Bundling: £1 for the first 2 items, £0.10 for additional items

Create multi-pack items and bundles effortlessly with our bundling service. Whether it’s polybagging bundles or incorporating them into custom packaging, we ensure your bundles align seamlessly with your branding.